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نتكلم عربي 


Call Us at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at +1 516-225-9266 or 966-800-8140-403 (from Saudi Arabia 800-8140-403) to place an order! Open 24/7. We speak Arabic, French and English. Call Us to Become a Exclusive Distributor. Fast International Shipping! The #1 Keratin Of Saudi Arabia Royalty!

المنتج الاكثر استعمالا من طرف العائلة الملكيه


The Hair Go Straight's suite of products are guaranteed to make hair smooth and shiney with long lasting straightness effect.

Our Brazilian Coco Chocolate product has keratin, silicon, collagen & protein from silk and promotes brilliant shine. It's mononuclear technology will turn back time to restore hair's elasticity and cuticle that has been damaged by highlights and coloring. It treats frizzy, dehydrated, course hair from the inside and will lasts 5-6 months. It will also prevent cracking and splitting hairs. Coco Chocolate sooths sun damaged hair and can be used with other hair treatments such as highlights and coloring. Use this product in conjunction with our clarifying & Bio shampoo, after treatment shampoo & conditioner as well as our serum. Get ready to look fabulous!

Hair Go Straight Brazilian Keratin